East - Kukes to Ohrid

This destination runs along the border of Kosovo and Macedonia.

The region consists of Kukes and Peshkopi and has been explored relatively little by tourists.
But it does not mean that this region can offer nothing to see, it is actually the opposite!

The region preserves tradition and culture of mountain tribes and untouched nature. Local population organizes the cultural festival of the region once a year.
This region also has the highest mountain peak, which Albania shares with Macedonia –Korab Mountain. The two nature parks –Zall Gjocaj and Lure, offer visitors a picturesque landscape and fascinating flora and fauna typical of highlands.

Along the black Drin River, there are some river beaches where you will have a chance to cool off during the scorching summer heat of Albania.
The sulfur baths of Peshkopi are also a popular domestic tourist destination. In this region between the Northern Albanian Alps and Ohrid Lake, you will have a chance to enjoy activities of culture, nature and relaxation

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