Coast N - Shkodra to Durres

This destination consists of a coastline along Shkodra, Lezhe and Durrës.

Shkodra is the biggest gateway city of northern Albania, which has an easy access to Montenegro and to the Northern Albanian Alps.
As it has long been the transit hub of people, culture and goods, Shkodra has a rich history and cultural attractions.
Shkodra is also important in terms of natural environment.

The biggest lake in Southern Europe, Shkodra Lake is home to rich wildlife and bird species including rare and endangered ones.
There are some spots at the lake where you can enjoy swimming.
Besides water sports at the lake, Shkodra recently started to get recognized as a seaside resort of Albania.
The beautiful sandy coastline continues to Lezhe, the burial place of Skanderbeg.

Some parts of the coastline from Lezhe to Durrës are highly protected as a nature reserve of international importance.
While hosting a complex eco-system, this coastline provides its guests with a number of chances to enjoy their relaxing and calm time on soft sand at the shore of Adriatic Sea.

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