Coast W - Durres-Vlore

Durrës, where this destination area begins, is known for its gigantic harbour receiving cargo and passenger ships from all over. It is also Albania’s biggest coast town and home to the biggest amphitheater on the Balkan peninsula.

The road along the coast will take you to numerous beautiful sand beaches that are also very family friendly. You may need to walk a while until the water gets really deep thus offering a safe playing environment especially for small children. However, teenagers and adults are not in any way less entertained, neither during the day nor at night – jet ski, beachvolleyball, clubs and bars complete the playful summer atmosphere.

If you are also interested in taking a trip into the past this is also a destination you should examine more closely. In the area from Durrës to Vlora you will find archeological sites, well preserved castles and monasteries from the early Middle Ages that are well worth a visit. The Monastery of Ardenica, along the road from Lushnje to Fier, for example, is where Albania’s Nationalhero Skanderbeg married his wife Donika Kastrioti in 1451.

The National Park of Divjake-Karavasta is an area with a diverse jungle like forest like nowhere in Albania and a beach that wide it resembles a desert at the sea. Shortly before reaching Vlora you can also take detour to yet another nationally protected lagoon home to many species of water birds.

If you enjoy observing birds and their somewhat peculiar and entertaining movements, these two parks are the places to go. Along the coast you will find hotels and apartments for every taste and every price range, together with opportunities for boat trips to Albania’s largest water cave, located close to the Karaburun peninsula.

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