To explore this destination we suggest that you choose a hotel in one of the close by cities and travel to your chosen points of interest respectively. Korçë as well as Pogradec offer various opportunities for accomodations within a very wide price range – with lake panorama in one and rustic traditional atmosphere in the other. If you prefer a secluded and an uncomplicated but nonetheless naturally romantic location, the village of Lin at Lake Ohrid may be your spot. Said village is also the first village you pass upon entering the Albanian side of the destination around Lake Ohrid. The city of Korçë, pronounced “K’ortsch” is one we strongly recommend for a thorough stay, to gain a broader understanding of the variety of Albania’s society and to indulge in traditional inland cuisine. Located at a trading crossroads and easily reachable from the East, Korçë has always been a multi cultural society influenced by intellectuals, artists and clerics. It became a symbol of Albanian education when the first Albanian school was founded here, while Ottomans were still ruling entire Albania. Due to its diverse influence, this destination also offers a bright palette of architectural styles from medieval to modern in houses, places, monuments and parks. 

Additionally, the area around Lake Ohrid is a gem of diverse nature. With a continental climate, however relatively far in the south, the seasons in this area present themselves from their most beautiful sides. Tourists frequent this area in Spring for health enhancing holidays in the very quiet mountaineous village of Dardha or the town of Pogradec. Family trips to the latter crowd its beaches in summer, as well, while autumn enchants with its lovely colours. The Nature Park Prespa also situated in the realms of this destination is worth a visit with its very own lakes and an absolutely stunning view of vastness. Even in the cold season you needn't hesitate to consider a vacation here - a brightly shining trip into postcard-ish Winterwonderland for an evening cuddle in front of the fireplace promises to be truly unforgettable. 

Whichever time you choose and how ever long you plan to stay, it’s going to be beautiful everywhere you look and you might be tempted to add a couple more days!

Unesco Heritage Site